Ajax Foundry in Sydney Preparing for a Cast Cast Cogs Pouring Metal in cast Sand Cast items from Sydney Factory

Ajax Foundry are producers of cast irons that perform under conditions of temperature and friction in accordance with individual customers requirements. Engineering irons conform to the Australia Standard 1830 and special attention is paid to machining characteristics of modern high speed finishing process. The Ajax Foundry is a family owned and operated company, with over 80 years experience in the foundry industry.

In 1926 John McKelvey Snr. entered the foundry business. During his lifetime he acquired Bankstown Foundry which he operated successfully until his death in 1972. Today, his sons John and Peter McKelvey continue in that proud family tradition through the acquisition and development of Ajax Foundry.

Ajax Foundry employs some 60 people in the manufacturing and marketing of quality, price competitive ferrous castings. We manufacture a wide range of cast products including Cast Irons, Ductile Iron and Austempered Ductile Iron. We also provide our own patternmaking, machining and drilling to individual customers requirements.

Our Produced Product Range

Quality Control

We are a Certified foundry ISO9001

In 2002 Ajax Foundry achieved accreditation for its Quality Assurance Program to ISO 9001:2000.

Company History

1981 Ajax Foundry purchased by John and Peter McKelvey
1988 Bought into Disc Brakes Australia. This volume, automotive disc production is marketed via their wholly owned Australia wide outlets.
1990 Invested in Fidax Foundry which has given access to high volume Disamatic production.
1995 Ongoing expansion program including the introduction of magnetic loading feeding system to each induction furnace. A 50 tonne / hour Eirich sand mixing unit has also been added.
1999 Additional HMP20 Hunter commissioned (decommissioned 2010)
2000 State of the art sand cooling and dust collection system installed
2008 Installation of first DISA Match 130 machine
2011 Additional new DISA Match 130 installed

Associated Companies

Ajax Foundry is proud to be associated with the following companies: